Mathematics in Trades Pathway

Teacher Introductory Information Pack

Thank you for taking the first step towards introducing the Mathematics in Trades pathway to your school.

Your downloadable information pack is designed to provide all the MITP background, goals, implementation ideas and teaching guides to help persuade you, your Principal and the Maths Faculty at your school to introduce this worthwhile program.

You’ll find more teacher resources at

We’ve also included information about our school subject flyers for years 9-12 and the five-day Trade Readiness Courses that TAFE NSW can deliver at your school.

If we’ve left a question unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact the AEF at

Does the Maths in Trades Parthway make a real difference for students? These early figures from two of the first high schools to introduce the MITP shows that it does.

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We are in the process of developing the MITP curriculum for years 11 and 12 right now. If you would like information about this and other MITP news as it becomes available, please sign up for our newsletter.